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Garston Manor School Specialist School for Autism, Learning Difficulties

and Speech and Language


Year 7
As part of new integrated curriculum pupils look at four units in RE, across the academic year, from these themes:

Year 8
Themes in RE are geared towards each year group.  Across year 8 we look at change and growth, celebration, signs and symbols, belonging, special places, sacred books and stories and religious leaders.

Year 9
We try to engage fully through a study of belief systems in Islam, Sikhism and Hinduism.
Across the academic year we look at (topical):

Year 10
We offer both AQA entry level religious studies and the AQA unit award accreditation programme.  Current content offered in the former (entry level), is as follows:

In the AQA accreditation programme we look at the options of:

Year 11
We offer both areas of study:  AQA entry level in religious studies and AQA unit award accreditation programme as follows.

In entry level our pupils consider some practices of a world religion as a core, examinable unit.  Our chosen religion for 2009-2010 is Christianity.  We follow this by consideration of chosen units from a list of options. For this academic year we will consider:
Prejudice and discrimination

The last unit of ‘option’ will be one chosen by the pupil from the AQA formal list.

In the AQA accreditation programme our choices for this academic year include: