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Fir Larch Maple Willow

Garston Manor School Specialist School for Autism, Learning Difficulties

and Speech and Language

Welcome to Willow Class

Just as every branch in a Willow tree is connected to the trunk, our aim in Willow is to make as many cross  - curricular links within each subject, as well as with the learning styles and personal preferences of each student.

The majority of our lessons take place within Willow, however some lessons such as physical education and music are taught with specialist teachers in different classes.

Students are encouraged to express their personal opinions within each session, thus fostering an atmosphere of trust and self-confidence.

There are numerous rewards in the class, ranging from the whole school credits system to personal reward charts.

The ethos of Willow is that of a nurturing atmosphere, however equipping each student with the skills of confidence and independence. Please come and visit us in Willow and come and see our good work.