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Garston Manor School Specialist School for Autism, Learning Difficulties

and Speech and Language

At Garston Manor we have 9 family groups. Our Family structure is an integral part of pastoral care system in school. Each family is named after a tree.

All families will have a small number of pupils from each year. Families meet every morning for 30 minutes to register and for ‘family time’ and every afternoon after lunch for 5 minutes to register. On Monday mornings we have a Praise Assembly, where family leaders celebrate and share achievements, both in and out of school about their family with the rest of the school. Each family has representatives on the School Council.

The family structure underpins the ethos of students supporting each other, as family members would. Older students will support new pupils into school, more able readers will support less able readers in buddy reading scheme during family time. Each Family group has an opportunity during the year to raise money for charity. To encourage teamwork even further Family groups also take part in sporting activities together.

Parents are encouraged to contact family leaders via email at: admin@garstonmanor.herts.sch.uk or by phoning the school office, if they wish to discuss any matters surrounding their children.


Family groups and leaders:












6th Form

Tim Wigmore

Gavin Cox

Marion Williams & Margaret Sundhu

Zoe Mackenzie & Elizabeth Campling

Jill Stevens

Natasha Wade

Stuart Boatwright

Esme Reynolds

Salam Choudhury     

Nocole Blom

Miss Jones

Gill McCarthy